What is BARIF?

BARIF is an abbreviation from Board of Airline Representatives in Finland. It is an organisation, whose members are airlines.

What does BARIF do?

BARIF oversees the general and mutual interests of airlines and improves the general conditions for the airline and travel industry in Finland. BARIF is in contact with the authorities, which have influence on aviation industry and business in Finland.

BARIF follows the economical development of the travel industry and of the legislation, takes initiatives, makes motions and renders advisory opinions in matters concerning the travel industry and airline business in Finland. BARIF guides and gives advice to its members in matters related to the members’ activities in Finland.

BARIF follows strictly the competition laws and does not discuss on pricing, fares, commissions, bids on contracts, allocation of customers and/or geographic/product markets, marketing plans, group boycotts nor commercial relations.

Who can join BARIF?

All IATA member airlines being represented or interested in the airline business in Finland or any international or domestic scheduled non-IATA airline operating to or within Finland may join BARIF

either as active or associate members. Currently BARIF work and strategy is under construction and to be announced Q2 in 2022.

How does BARIF work?

BARIF was established by eight airlines on 25th May 1964, when the first meeting was held in Helsinki. Nowadays BARIF meets frequently four times a year. Once a year an Annual General Meeting will be held. The Chairman, Vicechairman, Executive secretary and the auditor are being elected at the Annual General Meeting for the period between that meeting and the next Annual General Meeting.